Sonargraph Product Family

Sonargraph Overview

Sonargraph is a powerful static code analyzer that allows you to monitor a software system for technical quality and enforce rules regarding software architecture, metrics and other aspects in all stages of the development process. The Sonargraph platform supports Java, Kotlin (the JVM version of it), C#, Python 3 and C/C++ out of the box and includes powerful features like a Groovy based scripting engine and a DSL (domain specific language) to describe software architecture.

The Sonargraph platform comprises several products: Sonargraph-Explorer, which is completely free (Java and C# only), Sonargraph-Architect, Sonargraph-Build which can be executed autonomously on a build-server to create metrics and issue reports and Sonargraph-Developer which allows developers to check for issues before committing changes to the version control system. Sonargraph-Build comes in a free variant, that can be used by users of Sonargraph-Explorer and a commercial variant supporting the additional capabilities of Sonargraph-Architect. See our feature matrix for details. Our newest product Sonargraph-Enterprise is collecting daily metrics from all of your projects and allows stake-holders to detect harmful metric trends early on.