Sonargraph Licensing & Pricing

What is a Team License?

The team license includes all the products of the Sonargraph family: Sonargraph-Architect, Sonargraph-Build, and Sonargraph-Enterprise. Team licenses are almost always cheaper than buying single licenses, except for larger teams that prefer to experiment with single licenses before licensing the whole team.

For a team-license you must define a scope. That can be a project, a site or the whole company. The scope is important and you must license everybody within the scope that works on the code: developers, architects, consultants etc. You cannot cherry-pick who gets a license and who doesn't. Look at Architecture-Team licenses if you only want to license a subset of the team.

Every member of the team can use Sonargraph-Architect and you can add Sonargraph-Build to your automated builds to automatically enforce the rules defined with Architect. All developers can also use our IDE plugins. Additionally Sonargraph-Enterprise allows all members of the team to track metric trends over time for all the projects worked on by your team.

Team license are subscriptions that are automatically renewed unless you cancel them at least 2 days before the renewal date. On the checkout page you are able to switch off automatic renewals.

Price calculator

Description Value
Team size (min 5):
Price if paid monthly: 330.00 USD
Price if paid yearly: 3,300.00 USD
Price per user per month: 55.00 USD

Coaching and Training

Each team license comes with some free initial online training and coaching. We will support you in creating your first model and ensure that the build integration is up and running.

How do you define a team?

A team can be related to a specific project, it can be defined by an organizational unit like a department or it can be the whole company including external contributors. In case of a project we count everybody who is actively participating in the development effort. In case of organizational units we count all active developers.

When you buy a team license you have to define the scope of the team by either either defining the name of your project, your organizational unit or your company. If you are not ready to license a larger team you have the option to rent or buy singe licenses first.

If you have any questions about licensing and pricing or would like to learn about options for additional discounts please contact

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