Sonargraph Licensing & Pricing

What is a personal license?

If you, as an individual consultant, are purchasing a Sonargraph-Architect license using your own funds, then the personal license is right for you. Personal licenses are not available to companies in any way or form. Transfer of personal licenses to any third party and/or reimbursement for personal license purchase by a company are a breach of our license agreement.

Personal licenses are subscriptions that are automatically renewed unless you cancel them at least two days before the renewal date. On the checkout page you are able to switch off automatic renewals. Taxes might be added to the price shown below depending on your location. If you pay yearly you will get two months per year for free.

Personal license pricing

Language Monthly price (USD) Yearly price (USD)
Java 33.00 330.00
C# 33.00 330.00
C/C++ 55.00 550.00
Python 33.00 330.00
TypeScript 33.00 330.00
All 66.00 660.00

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