Our Partners

embarc Software Consulting GmbH (Germany) helps IT projects build better solutions by addressing software architecture topics on the methodical and technical levels. Their toolbox includes solution development, conceptual work, team- and individual coaching, evaluations and workshops. The tools of hello2morrow often support these activities and help embarc working on an informed basis.

ITech Progress GmbH is an information technology consultancy specialized in the design and the implementation of software solutions that are based on state-of-the-art software architectures and standards. Within the ITech Academy the collected know-how is being bundled professionally and offered to customers in the form of trainings. The company is licensed by the iSAQB to offer trainings for the Certified Professional for Software Architecture Foundation and Advanced Level. ITech Progress shows its competence in software architecture evaluation not only in their projects. Rather also the training "Architecture Evaluation" is one of the true classics of the company.

Liveware is our partner for Argentina. They have outstanding expertise in software architecture and modern development processes and are commited to software quality in all stages of the development process.

The Hamburg, Germany based WPS (Workplace Solutions) GmbH has long-term experience in the area of object-oriented software development. Its close cooperation with University of Hamburg ensures a high degree of expertise in the application of innovative technologies. WPS employs Sotoarc/Sotograph and Sonargraph to provide services in the areas of software architecture, quality monitoring and reengineering. The staff of WPS has built up extensive experience with the application of our tools.

Software Quality Systems AG is a leading European service provider in the area of software testing and quality management. SQS successfully applies Sotograph since 2002 in the context of product quality assessments. The result of a product quality assessment is a detailed report about the internal quality of a software system.

As an independent technology and consulting firm, Zühlke Engineering AG (Europe) stands for tailor-made software solutions and product innovation. Zühlke's interdisciplinary teams take a holistic approach and profit from expertise gained in over 4000 projects. In the area of software engineering, Zühlke's central competences are the specification and realization of complex software systems with focus on the application of iterative development approaches and modern architectures. Sonargraph is applied in internal and external development projects. Zühlke offers additional Sotoarc/Sotograph/SonarJ based services such as architecture reviews, expertises and quality assessments.