Turn-Key Architecture- and Quality-Enforcement Solutions

You want to integrate Sonargraph into your project but do not have the time to do it yourself? Don't worry - we can deliver a complete turnkey implementation of Sonargraph for you - from designing an architectural model for your software system to setting up Sonargraph in your continuous integration environment. After that we will help your team whenever they need support with software design, architecture and quality models.

Developer Training for Software-Architecture and Quality

Training your developers about the importance of software-architecture and a few golden rules to keep any software system maintainable might be one of the best investments you ever did. We offer one and two day trainings about the "Fundamentals of Software-Architecture and Quality" that can be rendered on-site or online. Developers will learn about immediately usable techniques to improve their code. Topics include architecture styles, how to avoid cyclical dependencies, architecture modeling, software metrics and much more. We recommend this for every developer in your organization. It will result in a notable improvement of code quality and maintainability and pay for itself in months. Contact for details.

Project Therapy

You have a project that is not doing well? We can help. We will work with your team to first assess the situation and then design a strategy to improve the situation. Then we will accompany your team to ensure the successful implementation of the strategy. We will only be satisfied if you are satisfied with the success.

Architecture Angels

If your architects are overworked or you cannot find the right person play the architeture role in your project this service is for you. Our experts will work with your team, mostly using online screen sharing sessions. With just 2 to 4 hours per month and the support of Sonargraph we can ensure a proper architectural design for your system. We will also transfer our expert knowledge to your team over time. Since it can be done online this service is very affordable. Please ask us for details.

Outsourcing Development? We Will Ensure the Quality of Deliveries

Outsourcing can be risky. More often than not your offshore or nearshore development partner over promises and under delivers. We can help you to add easy to measure and control quality standards to your outsourcing contracts and then provide regular assessments of how well your partner meets those standards. We are experts in this field and will work with your partner to ensure the best possible quality of the software you paid for.

Software Quality Assessment Services

If you need a thorough assessment of the technical quality of a complex software system, we offer a specific software quality assessment package. On the base of our assessment report you will be able to answer questions about the maintainability, extendibility and comprehensibility of this code base. Assessments make most sense if you plan to take over a software company or if you want to make significant changes to an existing system. Please contact for more information.

Here is a customer reference regarding our assessment services:

We used hello2morrow’s services on a regular base to audit the technical quality of software that we plan to use in critical parts of our worldwide operations. hello2morrow always delivered excellent results within the expected time frame of three days. Their assessment reports gave us a clear picture of risks, strengths and weaknesses of the audited software systems and enabled us to negotiate a meaningful, verifiable action plan with our software providers. I would highly recommend their professional services to anybody who needs a solid and reliable assessment of software systems that have a significant impact on business.

Roland Schütz, CIO Lufthansa Passage