Sonargraph - the Power Tool for Software Architects


A visualization of Apache-Cassandra as a 'software city'

No More Big Balls of Mud

Working with Sonargraph will guarantee that your system will never end up as a big ball of mud. And with on-demand online support we will guide and assist your team to ensure a flawless implementation by continuously improving your systems quality and maintainability.

Reduce Cost by 30% or More

Enforcing a few quality- and architecture rules will make your system better than 90% of comparable systems and will also lower development and maintenance cost – and the extra effort and investment will pay for itself in a few months.

Clean Architecture Improves Productivity

Clean architecture means your developers will spend far less time reading code and more time writing code. Also, your system will be easier to test and more secure from cyber-attacks. It will also have a longer lifetime so that it can provide more value for your organization.

No More Flying Blind

Good development decisions require solid data and metrics. Sonargraph provides all the software metrics you will ever need to assess the current state of your system. Progress can now be measured by watching a few KPI metrics. You will always know if things are getting better or worse.

Free Online Assessments

Want to see the power of Sonargraph live? We offer free confidential online assessments of your software. All you need to do is book a demo and get a free evaluation license. Then we can run Sonargraph on your system and can show you how to uncover a lot of interesting findings in just minutes.

Empower Your Developers

Developers enjoy creating well structured and high quality software. The problem is that this is very hard to do without tool support, especially for larger teams implementing complex systems. Sonargraph will help your team to reach the next level. And your customers will notice the improvements too.

Create an Acount

Creating an account will allow you to download and test Sonargraph for free.

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How long does it take to learn how to use Sonargraph efficiently?

An experienced architect or lead-developer will need one or two days to learn how to use the tool efficiently. First useful results will be available within minutes.

My team does not have an experienced architect. Can you help?

We can provide online architecture sessions with your team. The best way to do that is to have weekly sessions of 60 to 90 minutes. In that time we analyze a problem, discuss solutions and thereby train your team on the job. This policy of making small steps to reduce technical debt and improve the overall structure of your software on a fixed schedule has been proven to be very effective.

How can you be so sure about the benefits of Sonargraph?

We founded this business in 2005 and have quite a few customers who use Sonargraph for 10 years or more. They have achieved significant improvements. Also decades of project experience have taught us the power of clean architecture, clean code and proper modularization.

How can you optimize the value Sonargraph provides?

Automation is key. After designing a quality- and architecture model you should add Sonargraph-Build to your continuous integration pipeline. Then you can configure automated build failures if certain rules are violated.

How do you protect our intellectual property when doing an assesment?

We will sign a non-disclosure agreement with your company. We will also delete any code after an assessment is finished.

How do you monitor long-term metric trends and architectural fitness functions?

That is the role of Sonargraph-Enterprise.

Will my code stay on premise?

Sonargraph runs as a standalone tool on the machine of a developer or on one of your build servers. It will never send code to an outside server.