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Design for Change

Article about efficient software development enabling change and flexibility written in German.

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Static Code Analysis

Ingmar Kellner gave this presentation about the benefits of static code analysis at the Softwerkskammer Stuttgart, February 2015.

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BMW Sonargraph Case Study

This case study explains how BMW lowered he defect rate of a mission critical software system by a factor of ten by integrating Sonargraph into the daily development process.

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Sonargraph Product Flyer

Updated product information for Sonargraph-Architect

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Case Study Environment Agency Austria

EAA is using Sonargraph since 2007. This paper describes how the EAA adopted a development process centered around code quality and how Sonargraph helped to achieve sustainable results.

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Reference card: Architecture and Technical Quality

This document can be used by architects and developers as a foundation for rules and guidelines regarding architecture and technical quality. Applying the proposed rules and guidelines in your daily development work will help you to achieve outstanding software quality, reliability and maintainability.

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Enabling Agility through Architecture

This is an interesting paper from the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute covering the important dependencies between software architecture and agile processes.

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Project Sanity Checklist

If you are responsible for a medium or large software project this check list is for you. It helps you to avoid very common pitfalls and therefore has the potential to make your life a lot easier.

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The Value of Architecture

This 4 page white paper describes why architecture has a value of its own and is an important enabler to create high quality software, that can be enhanced and maintained with manageable effort.

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Golden Rules to Improve your Architecture

Presentation held for the New England Java User Group on Feb 12th 2009.

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