How we Provide Value

We lower the lifetime cost of your project by 25% or more

The benefits listed below make it easy to achieve significant cost reductions and quality improvements. We know for a fact that some of our customers have even achieved savings approaching 50%. The key to success is to redefine what it means for a piece of software to be "done". Meeting functional requirements alone is not enough. The enforcement of quality standards and architectural rules is mandatory for sustainable and efficient software development. Our tools allow you to do just that in a simple and effective way.

We make technical debt visible


Industry research has revealed how technical debt harms the quality and maintainability of software systems. And technical debt can increase every day as developers introduce architectural flaws and code quality issues into the code base, either unintentionally or through neglect of proper coding and design rules.

Unchecked technical debt grows out of control

Technical debt grows exponentially as developers work around existing code issues, creating even more problems. Just like monetary debt, technical debt requires interest payments at a later date, in the form of effects which most software professionals will recognize:

  • Code changes become more difficult
  • New developers need a very long time to become productive
  • Changes in one place result in breakage in an unrelated part of the codebase
  • Team agility and responsiveness decreases
  • Deadlines are blown
  • Budgets are blown

All this means that the cost of change will grow much faster than your code base.


Architectural debt: the loss of architectural cohesion

Architectural debt is a particularly toxic form of technical debt: while many technical debt issues can be fixed relatively easily with a local change, it is much harder to fix architectural issues once they have grown over a certain limit. Fixing them requires risky large-scale refactoring, a lot of time, and appropriate tool support.

Use our tools to tackle technical debt

  • Visualize the dependency structure and architecture of a code base
  • Get an assessment of the architectural (structural) integrity of a software system in under 30 minutes
  • Simulate refactorings without ever changing the code
  • Find effective architectural refactorings to break up cyclic dependency structures
  • Identify other technical debt like code duplication, design smells and bad metric values

We help you break the cycle of growing technical debt

"Knowing is half the battle"

The first step is always to make an honest assessment about the level of existing technical and architectural debt. The next logical step is to develop a plan to eliminate the most critical issues while also avoiding the creation of new issues.

Our products integrate nicely into your existing development environment, and help you with this process.

You would first define an architectural blueprint for your system. Having that allows our tools to warn developers immediately if they create an unwanted dependency that would violate the blueprint. Additionally you would define a quality model that defines rules based on metrics and other criteria. Again developers will receive immediate feeback about rule violations so that they can fix issues while it is still easy to do.


We provide transparency about technical quality of code

Track key metrics over time and make your project's technical quality transparent. Trend charts tell you whether things are changing for the better or for the worse, so you can take action before things get out of control. You are not flying blind anymore.


We improve your team's agility and productivity

Integrate our tools into your software development process, and your team will spend less time fixing problems rooted in technical and architectural debt. They will have more time to focus on the business value of your system which means that they will be more productive.

More productivity means more agility, which is crucial for keeping an edge in a rapidly changing technological environment.

We make it easier to write exceptional and sustainable software

Several of our customers were able to reduce their defect rates by a factor of ten compared to similar projects they undertook without our automated architecture and quality rule enforcement.

When the quality model and the architecture are defined formally, it becomes easier to transfer knowledge and hand over responsibility for the system from one team to another.

A code base without architectural flaws makes it much easier to extend the lifetime of a system so that it can make the money back that has been invested into it.

Our tools make it increasingly difficult not to achieve exceptional results!

Empowering Software Craftsmanship

You realize that obtaining long term benefits means redefining what it means for a software system to be "done". Code should not just provide the desired functionality, but should conform to a set of architectural and quality rules. And no software system should go into production unless it meets your standards for quality.

Solid craftsmanship requires the right tools. Sonargraph-Architect is ideal for code comprehension, quality assessments and reverse engineering of complex code bases.It also empowers teams to build better software by making it easy to adhere to an architectural blueprint and metrics based quality rules. Your software can grow without the usual build up of architectural and technical debt.

Let our tools help you!

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