Sotograph Product Family

Sotograph Product Platform Overview

The Sotograph product platform consists of the products Sotograph, Sotoarc and Sotoreport. All those products are covered by a single commercial license and cannot be licensed separately.

The Sotograph product family runs on Windows and Linux. It is currently able to analyze ABAP/ABAPObjects, PHP, C/C++, C#, Typescript and Java code. More languages might be added in the future.

In comparison to Sonargraph everything in the Sotograph product family is built around a central repository. The software system to be analyzed is initially parsed. The data from parsing the system are written into the repository and can then be used by all the tools in the Sotograph product family.

Since the repository is based on a relational database the data in the repository can also be used by other tools. The repository approach is not as lightweight as the Sonargraph approach, but has some major advantages for certain use cases. You could consider Sotograph to be the big brother of Sonargraph.


Sotograph (Software-Tomograph) uses architecture models defined in Sotoarc for additional analyses. It consists of a number of tools for detailed structure, quality and dependency analyses on different abstraction levels such as cyclical dependencies and duplicated code blocks. Sotograph calculates a comprehensive set of quality information and manages a time series of quality metrics, which can be used for trend monitoring.

Sotograph can analyze the differences between several versions of a software system and document trends. This is an important prerequisite for the continuous monitoring of the maintainability, extendibility and comprehsibility of a software system.