Sonargraph Licensing & Pricing

What is an integrator license?

Integrator licenses are for software integrators only. We define an integrator as a service provider who helps their clients with their software projects, either by providing developers or by taking over development tasks for their clients. An integrator license is priced by the number of billable consultants in the unit that is to be licensed. The unit can be a physical site, a department or the whole company. Heads are only counted once per year.

Integrator licenses are subscriptions and automatically renewed unless cancelled at least two days before the renewal date. They allow unlimited use of Sonargraph-Architect for all the billable consultants in the licensed unit. The Sonargraph-Architect license supports all languages supported by Sonargraph.

If license for Sonargraph-Build are needed too, integrators can obtain them here.

Coaching and Training

Each integrator license comes with some free initial online training and coaching. This will help your consultants to understand the capabilities of Sonargraph and how to use them efficiently.

Price calculator

Description Value
Number of billable consultants (min 10):
Price if paid monthly: 495.00 USD
Price if paid yearly: 4,950.00 USD
Price per consultant per month: 41.25 USD

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