Sonargraph Licensing & Pricing

What is an Architecture-Team License?

The architecture-team license is right for you if you prefer to only equip your architects or lead developers with Sonargraph, but also would like to benefit from Sonargraph-Build and Sonargraph-Enterprise. Compared to the team-license you will not have Sonargraph access for all developers in the team, but only for the licensed architects.

The architecture-team license costs more than a team license but allows you to cherry-pick who gets a license. A scope definition is not required. The license comprises one Sonargraph-Architect license per licensed architect and one license of Sonargraph-Build (2 executors) per architect. It also includes a license to run one instance of Sonargraph-Enterprise.

Architect-Team licenses are subscriptions that are automatically renewed unless you cancel them at least 2 days before the renewal date. On the checkout page you are able to switch off automatic renewals.

Price calculator

Description Value
Team size (min 3):
Price if paid monthly: 1,078.00 USD
Price if paid yearly: 10,780.00 USD
Price per architect per month: 299.44 USD

Coaching and Training

Each architect-team license comes with some free initial online training and coaching. We will support you in creating your first model and ensure that the build integration is up and running.

Who can use the architect licenses?

The minimum size for an architect-team license is 3 architects. The architects will have access to flexible user licenses, i.e. they stay with one person for 30 days and can then be used by another person. You can think of it as named user licenses where you can change names every 30 days.

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