Sonargraph Licensing & Pricing

License types

  • Flexible User License: License tickets are bound to a specific user on a specific machine for 30 days. After that the license can be used on another machine by another user. That is our classical license model. If you bought Sonargraph before version 9.0 you have flexible user licenses.
  • Floating License: Floating license tickets are only bound to an instance of Sonargraph while it is running. As soon as Sonargraph is terminated the license can be used by another user.
  • Executors: Sonargraph-Build now is only available with floating licenses. Each Sonargraph-Build license comes with two executors, i.e. two parallel executions of Sonargraph-Build. This way Sonargraph-Build fully supports distributed build environments. Ideally the number of Sonargraph-Build executors should be equal to the number of Jenkins executors. For example, if you have four Jenkins executors you should get two Sonargraph-Build licenses for a total of 4 executors.
  • Developer License: Like flexible user licenses with an expiration time of 1 day instead of 30 days. Only available for Sonargraph-Developer.

Do I need a license server?

Most of our customers are using our internet based license server, so there is no need for you to operate your own license server as long as the machines running Sonargraph have access to the internet. If this is not the case or you want to avoid being dependent on the availability of hello2morrow's web-based license server you can download hello2morrow's local license server and run it on your premises. If you have a "flexible user license" it is also possible to run Sonargraph with file based licenses.

License pricing for Sonargraph single licenses

Rented licenses include free updates and support for the duration of the rental period. Perpetual licenses include free support and upgrades for the first year. Moreover a perpetual license will never expire and maintenance and support can be renewed at 50% of the rental price after the initial free period of 1 year. We also offer monthly or quarterly license rentals.

Please make sure that you checked our team license pricing before buying single licenses. Team licenses are ususally cheaper and provide more value unless you have a big team and would like to start with single licenses first.

Product Rent per Month (USD) Rent per Year (USD) Perpetual License (USD)
Sonargraph-Architect (flexible user license)
Java 360.00 3,600.00 7,200.00
C# 360.00 3,600.00 7,200.00
C/C++ 600.00 6,000.00 12,000.00
Python 275.00 2,750.00 5,500.00
All 720.00 7,200.00 14,400.00
Sonargraph-Architect (floating license)
Java 720.00 7,200.00 14,400.00
C# 720.00 7,200.00 14,400.00
C/C++ 1,200.00 12,000.00 24,000.00
Python 550.00 5,500.00 11,000.00
All 1,440.00 14,400.00 28,800.00
Sonargraph-Build (floating, 2 executors)
Java 360.00 3,600.00 7,200.00
C# 360.00 3,600.00 7,200.00
C/C++ 600.00 6,000.00 12,000.00
Python 275.00 2,750.00 5,500.00
All 720.00 7,200.00 14,400.00
Java 36.00 360.00 720.00
C# 36.00 360.00 720.00
C/C++ 60.00 600.00 1,200.00
Python 27.50 275.00 550.00
All 72.00 720.00 1,440.00

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