Sonargraph Product Family


Sonargraph-Explorer is a free simple static analysis tool with a focus on metrics, cycle group detection and simple dependency analysis. It can be used for free even on commercial projects. It supports Java and Kotlin, Python 3 and C#. More languages might be added in the future.

To run it you simply download Sonargraph-Architect and then request your free license. Your license key determines the set of available features. the free license also supports the use of Sonargraph-Build. This would allow you to break the build if metric thresholds are violated or if cyclic dependency groups grow over a user defined limit.

In contrast to its commercial brother Sonargraph-Architect this product variant does NOT include the following features:

  • Cycle View
  • Exploration View
  • Architectural View
  • Architecture DSL
  • Duplicate Code Checker
  • 2D and 3D Tree Maps
  • Version Control Metrics
  • Architecture Diagrams
  • Scripting (create your own metrics or code checkers via Groovy scripts)
  • Virtual Refactorings
  • Plugins (PMD, Spotbugs etc.)
  • Baselines and Quality Gates
  • Issue Ranking View

Assess Quality by Analyzing Metrics and Code Structure

The screenshot below shows the overall system metrics of NHibernate (C#) including the associated test projects.


Sonargraph-Explorer computes hundreds of code and quality metrics that can be used to quickly assess the technical quality of any software system.

The next screenshot shows the overall quality dashboard for the Gradle open source project:


Ready to try Sonargraph-Explorer? Here is what you need to do:

  • Register now! Registration is needed for product download and license management.
  • After you are registered and logged in you can download and install Sonargraph-Explorer. Then you will be able to request your free license.