Sonargraph Product Family


The Sonargraph-Developer license allows developers to check for issues either by using our plugins for Eclipse or IntelliJ and/or by using the Sonargraph-Architect application in read-only mode in parallel to your IDE. That enables the developer to ensure that no new issues have been created before he or she commits changes to the version control system. This gives an additional safety net to developers because they will be notified immediately if they introduce code changes that would violate architecture rules or other aspects of a Sonargraph quality model.


Making the developer license available to all team members will save a lot of work for architects and QA people. Now code reviews can be focussed on complexity hotspots since conformance to architecture rules and other rules related to technical quality are checked automatically. It will also help the developer to create better code that conforms to all the rules right from the beginning.

If you are not using Java, using developer licenses is still useful. In that case devloeprs would use the Sonargraph application in parallel to their IDE and use it to check for issues before they commit changes. That is even useful for Java developers, because Sonargraph offers much better dependency visualization and other advantages compared to modern IDE's.

If you have a license for Sonargraph-Architect you can use our plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ with that license.