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Modernizing Legacy Applications

Modernizing legacy monolithic applications that have grown over many years is a difficult task. Most of the time the original architecture has been lost and the software structure looks a lot like the dreaded big ball of mud. Disentangling such a system requires sophisticated tool support. Whether you want to move to micro-services or just restructure your software using the principles of domain-driven design, Sonargraph-Architect is the ideal tool for this job and can easily cut your effort in half.

The unique architectural view of Sonargraph-Architect allows you to completely simulate the restructuring of your software without actually touching the code. Once you are satisfied with the result you can then implement the changes in your favored IDE.

The following tutorial video explains how to use the architectural view to split up a module, which is a typical use case for restructuring and modernization:

And last, but not least, this blog article demonstrates how to use the architectural view to improve the architecture of an existing open source system.

Should you need help with the modernization of your application, we also provide that as a service. Please contact us if you are interested.

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