Sonargraph Product Family

“Sonargraph was the key to the success of our most recent project. Not only did it help us create a clear overall architectural blueprint of the application, it also helped us identify dependencies between modules and reduce coupling. This allowed us to simplify the code and add new features while still retaining the overall blueprint. I would highly recommend the use of Sonargraph, and we are going to make it a standard tool for all our new applications. ”
Grant Weyburne
Senior Software Developer
University in Michigan, USA
“I was amazed to see how quick and easy we were able to adopt Sonargraph for managing the architecture and technical quality of the Spring Framework family. For the Spring Web Flow project Sonargraph helped us to almost cut in half the internal coupling of the code base with very little additional effort. Now we are using Sonargraph in our daily development work and it helps us to keep the architecture and quality of Spring on the high level expected by our global user base.”
Jürgen Höller
VP & Distinguished Engineer
“Sonargraph allows us to manage a large number of developers with a small team of architects. Since we started using Sonargraph (formerly SonarJ) in 2007, the technical quality of our award winning “easyCredit” web application and our development productivity have improved steadily. Sonargraph has become invaluable to our ongoing architecture management process.”
Andreas Karalus
Head of Software Architecture Department at TeamBank
“Our real estate web portal needed to be migrated from JSP and EJB2 to JSF/Facelets, Spring and Hibernate. Sonargraph proved to be invaluable, because it helped us to prepare the code base for the migration and simulate all the needed refactorings. By revealing unwanted dependencies and complexity hotspots of the code within minutes of use Sonargraph pointed us to the areas that needed our attention. The migration itself was greatly simplified by using the Sonargraph Eclipse plugin, which marked all the positions in the code that had to be changed. Only with the help of Sonargraph it was possible to complete the migration project successfully with a surprisingly small effort. I would recommend Sonargraph to anyone who plans to modernize an existing Java project or who wants to avoid architectural erosion in the first place.”
Pavlo Baron
Chief Architect
Planet Home AG Germany
“Since we integrated Sonargraph into our development process, we have improved the productivity of our developers, lowered maintenance cost by two thirds and improved the structure and the technical quality of our large Java code base. I can confirm that Sonargraph paid for itself in less than a year, and my only regret is that I did not find this invaluable tool much earlier.”
Andi Zink
CTO, Black Duck Software
Waltham, MA, USA
“Our process model requires quality assurance activities in various phases, including code reviews during implementation and maintenance. Sonargraph provides us with all the data and metrics necessary for timely escalation decisions. Using Sonargraph for architecture management prevented uncontrolled growth and clutter in new projects, further deterioration of existing projects and enabled the assessment of third party code. A definite recommendation!”
Thomas Baldauf
Senior Software Architect
Environment Agency Austria
“We used Sonargraph-Architect to help us reverse engineering the modular structure of HDFS (the Hadoop Distributed File System). Within minutes Sonargraph visualized the structure so that we were able to identify problems and discuss their potential solution. I would definitely recommend the tool to anybody who needs to reverse engineer or maintain medium to large scale code bases. ”
Rick Kazman
Professor, University of Hawaii