Sotograph Product Family


Sotoreport generates reports that provide a high-level overview of the evolution of important quality and size aspects of a monitored software system.

The reports serve to provide a general survey of the project without the necessity to view all the details. Sotoreport flexibly combines quality information on system and subsystem level. Target audiences range from IT management to project leaders and architects.

The text and charts a report consists of can be flexibly configured. A set of predefined report templates are part of every Sotograph installation. These templates can be adapted by the user, to include company or project specific text, graphics and charts.

The rest of this page displays a number of sample diagrams forming part of typical reports.

The two diagrams below provide an overview of quality information on a very high abstraction level. They show the acceptable percentage of architecture and implementation values. Whether or not an aggregated value is considered good (green), acceptable (yellow) or not acceptable (red) depends on the concrete project. Therefore, threshold values can be freely configured.


The diagram below visualizes the evolution of system level quality figures for a number of versions of a software system. Each curve stands for a different quality category.


The bar charts below show the absolute number of detected quality problems over time. One bar stands for one analyzed version. The color of the bar indicates whether or not the value has improved (green), declined (red) or remained the same (gray) compared to the previous version.