Sotoarc/Sotograph 3.6 Released

Breaking up cycles has never been easier

The most interesting new feature is a new cycle breakup analyzer. This analyzer measures the cyclicity of a cycle group and computes sets of changes to break up a cycle group into several smaller cycle groups with lower cyclicity. If a user accepts one of the proposed change sets, a complete list of the refactorings needed to implement the change is generated. Another interesting new feature is the ability to inject “external” dependencies into Sotoarc’s dependency model by using an XML file. This feature is accompanied by an out of the box solution to inject the dependencies of a SpringFramework configuration into Sotoarc’s dependency model. Both features will also be included in SonarJ 4.2, which is scheduled for release later this summer. For C++ users of Sotoarc and Sotograph we have greatly simplified the setup of the parsing process. Now it can be completely configured over the UI. No more fiddling in obscure configuration files!