hello2morrow finds strategic investor

mic AG expands its Portfolio with a Software Development Firm

mic AG, a Munich based investment company specializing in early stage technology ventures, has acquired a 25% ownership interest in hello2morrow, a Munich software firm. mic AG has the right to exercise another option to further increase its stake in this company. With its first transaction of 2008, mic AG has broadened its portfolio platform and expanded its segment focus and presence.

hello2morrow, a privately held 3 year old software development venture, delivers innovative solutions and services that help manage and monitor the logical architecture and technical quality of software projects. Their prize winning product, SonarJ, is a unique tool which helps to avoid “structural erosion” on medium and large scale Java projects, thus preventing expensive problems and improving the quality of life of software architects and project managers. The firms’ long list of reference clients reads like a “Who’s Who” among the Blue Chip Industry, featuring prominent names in a diverse range of business areas including automotive, insurance, radio and public sectors.

“The acquisition of hello2morrow represents our first investment in a software company, but we are confident that this strategic move will unlock many synergies and generate a number of competitive advantages”, said Claus-Georg Müller, CEO of mic AG. “Implementing our firm’s philosophy, we will provide not only financial support, but a vast Know–How and mic’s established national and international network, as well. We are thrilled by the growth opportunities this acquisition presents and we are confident that we have created a powerful portfolio of first class products and services that will bring significant value to our customers, partners and shareholders. We look forward to working with hello2morrow as a new and energised team”.

mic AG is a publicly traded company listed in the Entry Standard of the German Stock Exchange since October 25th, 2006. The principal strategy of mic AG is to invest in the early stages of technology firms and provide these firms with a multi-faceted suite of services: financial, administrative, legal, consulting, sales and marketing. The portfolio companies benefit from market maturity and positioning of mic AG and its established management applications. mic AG is active in the Microsystem, Communication/Fiberoptics and Medicine Technology sectors. With the acquisition of hello2morrow, the admission of Proton to London’s AIM in October 2006, and the complete sales of Inheco and Amicra last year, mic AG currently holds 10 subsidiaries in its portfolio.

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