New Sotoarc/Sotograph Release 4.0

There are various improvements over all the Soto tool components. Some of them are:
Sotoarc's architecture modeling concept works more fine-grained. Besides whole packages it is now possible to assign single source files to architecture modules. This makes it possible to split the content of packages/namespaces/directories architecturally without being forced to do any package restructuring. The Sotoarc cycle analysis feature has been enhanced and the GUI has been made more intuitive, in many respects. A main enhancement is the ability to receive an immediate graphical feedback when cutting a set of dependencies which leads to a break up of dependency cycles.
The Sotoarc checking engine now scales to larger projects and the Sotoarc GUI has been streamlined in many aspects. Java annotations are now detected by the Soto Java parser, stored in the Soto repository and can be analyzed via a set of predefined metrics. The analysis of C/C++ code with respect to template specific references has been improved. There is also a new, comfortable tool integrated which collects all the built data (Include paths, Defines) which are required for a precise C/C++ parsing.
Sotoarc/Sotograph customers will receive the new release as a part of their valid maintenance service.