SonarJ Integrates with Codehaus Sonar

Sonar SonarJ Plugin 1.0 Released Today

Today we released the first version of our plugin for Sonar. Sonar is an umbrella tool for many different aspects of code quality. It comes with plugins for CheckStyle, Cobertura, FindBugs, PMD and other popular code analysis tools. The SonarJ plugin is the first plugin for Sonar that allows to check architectural and structural aspects of your project. These aspects have the biggest impact on testability, maintainability and comprehensibility of your code.

If you use the plugin with our free structure analysis license it will provide useful metrics that measure the structural debt and the level of cyclic package dependencies in your project.

If you already have a license for SonarJ-Report the plugin will provide more metrics and add Sonar violations for all architecture violations, threshold violations and open tasks. Have a look at the plugin documentation if you want to know more.