SonarJ 5.0 Released

Architecture Management Never was Easier

The new release comes with a couple of major new features and improvements. Moreover 5.0 was the first release where our customers directly influenced our development schedule and task list by using the product feedback forum on our website.

The following features and improvements have been implemented:

  • Support for the Spring Framework is now built into SonarJ. SonarJ is able to recognize dependencies defined in Spring Configuration files. This was a feature heavily pushed by our user community.
  • Revolutionary visualization and breakup tool for cyclic dependencies. Now you are able to visualize all cyclic dependencies in your system. The breakup analyzer computes all possible breakup sets, so that you can untangle your code with the least possible effort.
  • Our Eclipse plugin can now reload modified architecture descriptions automatically. This was also a feature requested by our users.
  • Comfortable many to one mappings from Eclipse projects SonarJ projects. This is especially useful when your project is split into many smaller sub-projects.
  • The performance of the parser has been improved dramatically. Moreover the memory consumption of SonarJ has been reduced. A new option allows you to skip source file parsing. This is very helpful when you want to analyze systems with more than 30,000 classes.
  • Completely new metrics view with histograms and pie charts.

You can try the new release for free by either requesting an evaluation license or make use of our free community license. The community license is limited to projects with up to 50,000 byte code instructions (approx. 20,000 lines of code).