Sonargraph Product Family

Sonargraph Overview

Sonargraph is a powerful static code analyzer that allows you to monitor a software system for technical quality and enforce rules regarding software architecture, metrics and other aspects in all stages of the development process.

We are just in the middle of migrating the Sonargraph product family from a Java only platform to a more modern language agnostic platform based on Ecipse RCP 4. The new platform supports Java, C# and C/C++ out of the box and includes powerful features like a Groovy based scripting engine and a DSL (domain specific language) to describe software architecture.

As of now (Nov 2015) the new platform (recognizable by a version number of '8' or higher) comprises two products: Sonargraph-Explorer, which is completely free, and Sonargraph-Architect which can already be used by all existing customers with active support by using their current licenses and also is available for purchase in our online store. Both products have a build server client and plugins for Jenkins and SonarQube will be released before the end of 2015. All products of the new platform share a single download for the standalone version and the build server client. Your license key determines the features that you can use.

The Java-only platform (recognizable by a version number starting with '7') includes Sonargraph-Architect, Sonargraph-Developer (plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ) and Sonargraph-Quality, completed by matching build server clients. The Sonargraph 7 platform uses a different model to describe software architecture which is based on a graphical editor. We hope that all our product will be based on the new platform by mid 2016.

Product Variants

Sonargraph-Explorer is our entry level free product to compute software metrics and visualize dependencies between the elements of a software system. Sonargraph-Architect is a commercial product that includes all features of Explorer and adds automated architecture checks based on a powerful DSL (domain specific language), a Groovy based scripting engine, a checker for duplicate code, virtual refactorings, issue resolution workflow, advanced metrics like LCOM4 and a break up computer for cyclic dependencies. Sonargraph-Quality includes all features of Sonargraph-Architect and adds features to cope with the dimension of time. How did metrics change over time? Which issues have been added and which issues have been solved? Sonargraph-Quality is not yet available on the new platform.