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October 27, 2013

New Case Study

Environment Agency Austria Achieves Sustainable Software Development

May 08, 2013

Sonargraph Jenkins Plugin Released

Simplifies Automated Enforcement of Architecture and Quality Rules

October 30, 2012

hello2morrow comes to Latin-America

New Subsidiary in Colombia

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Make Your Software Project a Lasting Success !

hello2morrow is an independent software vendor specializing in static analysis tools for the management and monitoring of architecture and technical quality of software written in Java, C/C++, C# or ABAP/ABAPObjects. Our users are software architects, QA-specialists, developers, integrators and consultants. By integrating our products into their software development life cycle, our customers create better software, avoid technical and structural debt and keep their maintenance costs far below the industry average.

We also provide specialized training and consulting for software architecture and quality management. The goal of a typical consulting and training mission is to integrate rules and guidelines for software quality and architecture into the daily development using a tool-based automation approach, without negatively impacting overall team productivity. While changing old habbits is definitely not an easy task, it is a precondition for achieving outstanding productivity and quality gains. More information about this general topic can be found in our white paper library.

What They Say About Us:

«Our real estate web portal needed to be migrated from JSP and EJB2 to JSF/Facelets, Spring and Hibernate. Sonargraph proved to be invaluable, because it helped us to prepare the code base for the migration and simulate all the needed refactorings. By revealing unwanted dependencies and complexity hotspots of the code within minutes of use Sonargraph pointed us to the areas that needed our attention. The migration itself was greatly simplified by using the Sonargraph Eclipse plugin, which marked all the positions in the code that had to be changed. Only with the help of Sonargraph it was possible to complete the migration project successfully with a surprisingly small effort. I would recommend Sonargraph to anyone who plans to modernize an existing Java project or who wants to avoid architectural erosion in the first place.»
Pavlo Baron
Chief Architect
Planet Home AG Germany