Solutions for Sustainable Software Development


No more Architectural Debt

Our tools are designed to detect and address different forms of technical debt with a focus on architectural and structural issues. Those issues are the most toxic form of technical debt because it is very hard to fix them once they have propagated through your code base. Currently we support Java, C#, C/C++ and ABAP/ABAPObject with support for more languages in the horizon. More »


Immediate Developer Feedback

Sonargraph can be easily integrated into your development process. Once this is done your developers will be notified about rule violations either directly in their IDE or via your continuous integration process. This allows them to fix violations while they are still easy to fix and avoids the accumulation of technical and structural debt. You will notice that your projects will run a lot smoother while the quality of the result will be significantly better than before. More »


Improve Sustainability and Agility

Addressing the issue of technical debt in your software development will dramatically reduce the cost of making changes to your system, simply because it is a lot easier to modify a well structured piece of software. Keeping your code clean at all stages of development will allow you to skip the hefty interest payments that become due when you do not monitor your technical debt properly. This will improve agility, mitigate risks, and result in better software with a significant reduction in cost. More »

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