Sonargraph-Explorer 8.5.1

Featuring the new Dashboard

We released version 8.5.1 of Sonargraph-Explorer. We finally managed to finish the migration to Eclipse RCP 4, which was quite a nightmare. The most visible new feature is the new dashboard view. In this release the dashboard is still pretty static, but soon it will be fully configurable, meaning that you can pick and choose the data you want to see in the dashboard. Additionally all dependency graphs now allow to filter by dependency type. As usual the release also contains many improvements and bug fixes. Check the release notes for all the details.

March Newsletter

New Features and Roadmap Update

The newsletter explains the newest features of Sonargraph-Explorer and our roadmap to unify all our products under the new language agnostic platform. It also contains a discount coupon of 100 EUR/USD (depending on your region) that can buy you a completely free 90 day license of Sonargraph Explorer for Java or C#. (90 day licenses cost 50% of a yearly license) Hurry up, the coupon will expire on March 32st 2015.

Check out our new Blog

Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Software Craftsmen

We opened a blog site and plan to add new content about twice a month. You will already find two articles there. One about the different categories of technical debt and why they should not be treated equally, the second one shows how you can use the scripting feature of Sonargraph-Explorer to identify the components that contribute the most to overall system coupling. Please share your opinion and feedback by adding comments to the article. You can reach the blog site by clicking on the "Blog" menu entry.

Sonargraph-Explorer Released

Supports C#, C/C++ and Java

Today we officially released Sonargraph-Explorer. The new product supports Java, C# and C/C++ out of the box and can be categorized a the swiss army knife for software architects, software quality analysts and developers.

For C/C++ the program comes with instant support for Visual C++, Gnu C/C++ and CLang. Other compilers can be supported by adding specific compiler configurations. Our parser supports all the newest additions to the C++ language.

For C# Sonargraph supports Microsoft and Mono implementations. The newest version of Java is supported as well.

Sonargraph 7.2 Released

Now includes full support for Java 8

Our newest release of Sonargraph now fully supports Java 8. We also improved the performance of the parser and the Eclipse plugin, especially when the Maven Eclipse plugin was also present.

For our SonarQube plugin no update is needed. Just update the version of Sonargraph referenced during the build process. The Jenkins plugin just runs through the update process on the Jenkins site and should be available within the next couple of days.

Our upcoming product Sonargraph-Explorer is in the final stages of its official release. Here we already support the newest versions of all three supported languages Java, C# and C/C++. You can already evaluate the product using an evaluation license.

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