April Newsletter

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Sonargraph 9.3 Released

Architecture DSL evolves, better C++ support and more

The new release adds new capabilities to our architecture DSL as described in this blog article. Moreover we added numerous improvements to simplify project setup and parsing in the C/C++ language provider. We also added a new workspace filter that will allow you to specify parts of your code base that will not generate Sonargraph issues. That is particularly useful for generated code and for legacy code that you do not plan to change anymore. Please check the release notes for all the details.

Sonargraph 9.1 Released

with IDE plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ

The new release adds the new Sonargraph-Developer license which enables the use of the plugins and the use of a read-only version of Sonargraph-Architect. We also improved our Maven importer to better work with binary repositories and support Tycho projects. Other than that the new release contains numerous little improvements and some bug fixed. Check the release notes for details.

September Newsletter

Sonargraph nominated for Jax-Innovation-Award

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Sonargraph 9.0 Released

Now supports virtual refactorings

Today we released Sonargraph 9.0. We added a bunch of powerful new features, improved the performance and lowered memory consumption.

Here is a list of the most important new features:

  • Enhanced architecture DSL as described in our newest blog article.
  • Virtual move and rename refactorings for components, packages and component containers.
  • Added new metric "Component Rank", based on the Google Page-Rank algorithm.
  • The Graph View now supports architecture artifacts.
  • Our HTML reports now scale much better for large projects. We also added some Javascript to make tables filterable and sortable.
  • Type level representation viewers.
  • Full support for floating licenses. Contact us if you'd like to upgrade your existing licenses.
  • Representation viewers now have an extra view option to only show violations.

Mac users will have to do a clean install since auto-update will not work for upgrades from 8.x to 9.0. All other users can simply use out automated update feature.

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