April Newsletter

Sonargraph Gradle Plugin

Check out our April newsletter. In the last couple weeks we focussing heavily on Sonargraph-Build and the associated integrations. Sonargraph 8 can now integrate with Gradle, Maven, ANT, Jenkins and SonarQube. More details here.

December Newsletter

Coupon inside

In our December newsletter we discuss the new Sonargraph-Platform and update the roadmap for our development. It also contains a 300 USD / 300 EUR coupon valid until the end of 2015. So if you are on the fence anyway, this is a good opportunity to buy a license.

Sonargraph 8.6.2 Released

Now Sonargraph-Explorer is free

The 8.6.2 release is the first release of our new Sonargraph-Platform. The platform has two product variants: Sonargraph-Explorer for the visualization of dependencies and the computation of basic project metrics. Sonargraph-Architect adds automated architecture checks based on a powerful DSL, a Groovy based scripting engine, a checker for duplicate code, virtual refactorings, issue resolution workflow, advanced metrics like LCOM4 and a break up computer for cyclic dependencies.

We decided to make Sonargraph-Explorer a free product for Java and C#. It is ideal to assess the structure and technical quality of a software system and to visualize complex dependency structures.

Sonargraph-Architect will stay a commercial product and now also supports C# and C/C++ next to Java. You can evaluate the product for free and also buy it directly from our web-site.

September Newsletter

Architecture DSL and Roadmap Update

In our September newsletter we discuss the newest features in the 8.6 release of Sonargraph-Explorer and give you an update on our current roadmap.

Sonargraph-Explorer 8.6.0

Featuring brand new architecture DSL

This new release is a major step forward to the consolidation of all our products into one new platform. Now you are able to check architectural models described with a DSL (domain specific language) with Sonargraph-Explorer and Sonargraph-Explorer Build. The new DSL is described in a series of blog articles on our blog site. We also added an architecture modeling tutorial to the documentation. The new language is very powerful and allows fine grained control over the dependencies allowed between different architectural artifacts. It is also independent from your programming language, so it can be used with all the languages supported by the Sonargraph platform. This allows you to express the architecture of your system as code that is easy to read and understand by developers and architects.

The next step from here is to allow architectural modeling not only by using the text editor, but also by using the exploration view so that you can work with a hybrid approach. That feature is planned for Sonargraph-Architect version 9 which we will release before the end of 2015.

The new release also contains many other new features, improvements and bug fixes. For example we now support the deletion of dependencies as virtual refactorings. Please check the release notes for more details.

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