Sonargraph supports Java 9

With our new release Sonargraph now officially supports Java 9.

April Newsletter

12 years of hello2morrow and more

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Sonargraph 9.3 Released

Architecture DSL evolves, better C++ support and more

The new release adds new capabilities to our architecture DSL as described in this blog article. Moreover we added numerous improvements to simplify project setup and parsing in the C/C++ language provider. We also added a new workspace filter that will allow you to specify parts of your code base that will not generate Sonargraph issues. That is particularly useful for generated code and for legacy code that you do not plan to change anymore. Please check the release notes for all the details.

Sonargraph 9.1 Released

with IDE plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ

The new release adds the new Sonargraph-Developer license which enables the use of the plugins and the use of a read-only version of Sonargraph-Architect. We also improved our Maven importer to better work with binary repositories and support Tycho projects. Other than that the new release contains numerous little improvements and some bug fixed. Check the release notes for details.

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