Sonargraph Product Family

Sonargraph Feature Matrix

Sonargraph comes in different product variants:

  • Sonargraph-Explorer: our low cost entry level product for dependency visualization and gathering of basic metrics.
  • Sonargraph-Architect: this is our main product that allows you to enforce quality models and architectural rules over the lifetime of your system. In contrast to Sonargraph-Explorer it not only assesses and visualizes issues, but also allows you to manage them.
  • Sonargraph-Developer: this product comprises a read-only version of Sonargraph-Architect and our IDE plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ-IDEA. Usually this is not licensed separately anymore, because you get all the benefits for all users with a team license.
  • Sonargraph-Build (Explorer variant): Explorer version of our build integration. Works with your explorer license.
  • Sonargraph-Build (Architect variant): advanced build integration.

Here is the detailed feature matrix:

Explorer Architect Developer Build Explorer Build Architect
Dependency Visualization X X
Cycle Visualization X X
Basic Metrics X X X X
Metric Thresholds X X X X
Architecture DSL X X
Issue Management X X
Duplicate Code Checker X X
Cycle Breakup Analyzer X
Virtual Refactorings X X
Advanced Metrics X X
Scripting Engine (Groovy) X X
Enhanced Quality Models X X
Baselines X X
Quality Gates X X
Change History Metrics X X
Treemaps X
ANT Task X X
Maven Plugin X X
Gradle Plugin X X
Jenkins Plugin X X
SonarQube Plugin X X
Eclipse Plugin (Java) X X
IntelliJ Plugin (Java) X X
Read-Only Sonargraph-Architect X