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May 11, 2011

hello2morrow launches its next generation product Sonargraph for Java

Sonargraph melts SonarJ and Sotograph for Java into one product

June 22, 2009

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Sotoarc - Basic Product Description

SotoarcĀ® is a software analysis tool for software architects, technical project leaders and quality experts. It helps them to:

  • Visualize and understand the static structure of a software system,
  • Model the intended architecture for the software system,
  • Perform an architecture conformance check and detect where the implemented code does not correspond to the intended architecture,
  • Simulate potential restructurings of a software system and investigate their effects.

Sotoarc analyzes ABAP/ABAPObjects, C/C++, C# and Java code.

Sotoarc Screenshot 1

Sotoarc's sophisticated usage paradigm and a new graphical user interface result in a minimal learning curve. Its innovative concept to visualize software systems provides intuitive high-level views of software systems and flexible mechanisms to drill down to the source code. The integrated focusing technology makes it possible to visually investigate detailed aspects of large and complex software systems. This is also the case for software systems with many millions of lines of source code. More...

Sotoarc's graphical drag & drop based architecture modeling approach provides a simple but powerful means for the efficient modeling of software architectures. Complex architectures can be expressed by partitioning a software system on different levels of abstraction, into nested modules and layers, and by defining interfaces to these modules. More...

Sotoarc automatically checks whether your source code adheres to the architectural restrictions expressed in the architecture model. All violations are immediately visualized and can be investigated down to the source code level. More...

Sotoarc also makes it possible to simulate the restructuring of a software system, for example, to plan complex refactorings, to eliminate architecture violations, or to get rid of cyclical coupling. Simulated restructurings are visualized immediately, which allows their effects to be investigated before actually implementing them. More...

In combination with Sotograph, Sotoarc also enables architecture and quality monitoring, as well as detailed analysis of the internal code quality. If you are looking for an architecture management tool that supports the Java development process, including Java developers, please see our product SonarJ.